Brittanee Margach

Property Manager Associate
A confident communicator who keeps clients front of mind.
Relatively new to the industry in contrast to her peers, Brittanee Margach has found her feet at Ous Property - and alongside Lisa Kernot’s 30+ years of property management expertise, there’s no better way to find them.
They say teamwork makes the dream work - and working the Ous portfolio like a demon as a PM Associate, Brittanee is blooming.
Once upon a time, nursing was her forte – a far cry from real estate, but it has given her the jump-start to create, build, and nurture client relationships.
Her confident yet delicate approach sees her master conflict resolution between landlords and tenants with understanding and compassion; her honesty, frankness, and efficiency keeps her investor client’s best interests front of mind.
There’s little more you can ask for from the vital property management passenger seat…
Just like Lisa, she’s dedicated to service, passionate about her role, committed to building repeat business, and is well-read when it comes to legislation; and if there’s such a thing as over-delivering on communication, she’s guilty of that, too.
While Laz says: “Let’s Talk”, as a new investor or a long-time landlord, a conversation with Brittanee or Lisa is the step in the right direction, and one you won’t regret.

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