Savvina Kouros

Property Manager Associate
Property-savvy with an eye for detail, the fine print & the process.
It’s not hard to see why OUS welcomed Savvina Kouros into their Property Management clutches. She’s the perfect team fit - creative, witty, well connected, with strong family values and the ability to see the potential and opportunity in every property.
And we know you’ll see her value, too.
She’s property savvy – see what we did there? – bubbly, yet mature, with the motivation to achieve over and above what her homeowners and tenants seek out of their property and agent.
Savvina’s eagle eye for detail also helps…
So does her insistence on open communication and effective task management – key vitals she learnt in a not-so-long-ago past life in the insurance claims industry.
There you go – another feather in her property management cap – if you’re ever faced with a claims issue, Savvina is all over the fine print and process, and it’s all part of the dependable and honest service she provides every client.
At OUS, throughout the west and beachside suburbs, it’s what Savvina and her accredited team do best.

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