Jonathan Kermode

Business Development Manager
Take charge of your assets with military precision.
Whether you’re a seasoned landlord or contemplating property investment, your next best move is getting all the insight, facts, and figures from a deep dive into the qualified mind of Jonathan Kermode.
With a wealth of knowledge and some 24 years in the Financial Advisory field, Jonathan has helped countless clients build and realise their financial dreams and aspirations, which makes his transition into Property Management not all that foreign.
Growing up in a military family, of all the values Jonathan’s early Army years taught him, respect and punctuality are the highest ranking; next in line are listening, empathy, and understanding – attributes he can thank his polished financial career for.
Obstacles will arise in any scenario, let alone Property Management. Jonathan’s skills let him splice through the tough conversations, ease party tensions, and come out the other side with mutually agreeable solutions.
It’s all part of the OUS Property service, and his qualified nature.
And when Adelaide-born Jonathan isn’t crunching numbers, he’s pacing the fairways at Grange Golf Club, casting a line, camping, or loving life locally in Fulham Gardens with his wife and 2 daughters.
To Jonathan, there’s no greater compliment than knowing someone is putting their wholehearted trust in your ability; and it’s at this moment his drive and disciplines fully kick in.
Humble, hardworking, and at your command. Let Jonathan take charge of your prized property investment.
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