Jonathan Manocchio

Sales Agent Associate
There aren’t many real estate rising stars who know their territory like Jonathan Manocchio.
Having studied at St. Michael’s College, played soccer here, and assisted at community events, these days Jonathan helps buyers and sellers alike as a committed Ous Property Sales Associate, traipsing the same western suburbs he did as a kid, alongside his dad, watching property auctions.
The market might have changed, but his real estate obsession hasn’t.
And Jonathan uses his intimate local knowledge in the best possible way - to his clients’ buying and selling advantage. He’s savvy to property values, he researches market trends, he knows what’s hot, what’s not, and what’s bound to stand out to every individual buyer.
He’s composed, understanding, and has a perceptive real estate intel that few aspiring agents can boast.
Hard work, long hours and late nights are no deterrent to Jonathan. In the past, he’s set the alarm clock for countless early starts managing fruit and vegetable deliveries, transitioning to late shifts in fast food, playing party host, or refereeing his local soccer team.
Selling cars was his real estate jump start. Now, with the support of the award-winning Ous Property Team, the ignition light is on for his own ultra-polished property career.
If you know, you know. Ous Property – and Jonathan – know the west. You know who to call.

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