Ous Prop Profile

Ous Property. Our way is with you.

“Let’s talk!”

Call us crazy, but it’s how we get things done.

And how we started was with a circle; a watermark-turn-edgy-brushstroke. Our logo represents the ring of condensation from a glass left behind after a round table discussion. But it’s so much more than that.

It symbolises community. Family. Energy. Honesty. The “karma” of good coming back.

Like our boutique real estate agency; we look after you, so you’ll come back and join our circle…

Leading the crew is Laz Ouslinis – his community side sees him a passionate Henley Beach resident, sponsor of the Henley Sharks Football & Netball Club, Flinders Park Football Club, Henley South Tennis Club, Torrensville Bowling Club, West Torrens District Cricket Club, Chair of the Henley Beach Business Association and Port Adelaide Football Club Italian Committee Member.

Joining residents – and more rings – on his home turf.

Socially, you’ll find him at the Ramsgate Hotel with Duncan, high-fiving client friends on the street, and sipping more espressos than there are pine trees in Grange.

Everywhere the tide comes in you’ll find our team. Building rapport and relationships, selling properties and achieving great outcomes – tie, or no tie – your place, or ours.

17 years in business, we’ve adapted to today’s property market; we’re cloud-based and we’re forward-thinkers. Our human, sensitive side reveals the best of your home to buyers, our honesty shines through our attentive and individually tailored marketing strategies and our negotiating side sees your property sold.

With fun in between. After all, we’re just a bunch of real people doing really great things for people, for property and for community.

The Ous team is customer-centric with corporate nous. Call us alternative. Call us different. Just call us.

Our goal is coastal, local connection – be it house, land or rental – and it starts at home here in Henley, where all our staff live. Sit on our couch, listen to our tunes, and we’ll listen to you.

Oh, and why Ous? You try and pronounce Ouslinis…


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